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Phone Gallery

I am a collector of smartphones. This is a page where you can view pictures of my large collection of phones. You can click on a picture if you want to see it larger.

Click here to go to my phone FAQ where the most common questions are answered.

Here are some iPhones and iPods. (April 2020)

My main 4 phones in April 2020. Likely to change soon!

In the place of the 7T, I bought a OnePlus 7 Pro instead. (January 2020)

The reason I returned the 7T: the screen was green at low brightnesses. (January 2020)

Beautiful back of the OnePlus 7T (January 2020)

OnePlus 7T notch (January 2020)

I bought a OnePlus 7T to replace the Galaxy Note 8. (January 2020)

Here is the phone that was my main phone at the time, the Galaxy Note 8. I had just reflashed it for Tmobile. (December 2019)

The OG Pixel, LG V40 ThinQ, and Galaxy Note 5 charging. (November 2019)

Got this OG Pixel for an amazing deal. (November 2019)

Here is the LG V40 ThinQ I tried to flip. Turns out the original seller said it was paid off when it wasn't. What a mess! (November 2019)

Here is my iPhone 7 Plus. Too bad I hated that case! (November 2019)

When the 6s died I grabbed an iPhone 7 for a short while, then flipped it. Don't miss it! (October 2019)

It is really sad when a phone breaks. RIP iPhone 6S. (September 2019)

I love being my own number neighbor! (I don't own these numbers anymore) (July 2019)

Here is my 'Galaxy Fold' (April 2019)

Here is a mess of phones and cases. (April 2019)

Here is the LG G3, HTC One M9, Nexus 5, Galaxy Note 5, and iPhone 5S all charging. (March 2019)

Cracked back glass on the Galaxy Note 5 (January 2019)

Here is some of the damage on the iPhone 6S (January 2019)

The black and white Pixel 2 XL is such a beautiful phone. Love it. (October 2018)

Some of the phones I owned in August 2018

The iPhone 5S in the middle of a screen repair (June 2018)

The Nexus 5 after a successful screen repair (May 2018)

Me with a few of my phones (May 2018)

Right after setting up the Pixel 2 XL. How fun! (May 2018)

Dbrand skins on the iPhone 6, 6s, and Nextbit Robin

The squared off look of the Nextbit Robin (Spring 2018)

Galaxy S8 shortly before being sold (January 2018)

Nextbit Robin next to the Galaxy S8 (January 2018)

Quick Start: Setting up my iPhone 6S (December 2017)

Me with some of my phones (December 2017)

Samsung Galaxy S8 after being updated to Android Oreo (November 2017)

HTC One M9 (October 2017)

HTC One M9 (October 2017)

LG G3 among other phones (Fall 2017)
iPhone 6 with Dbrand skins (Fall 2017)

Samsung Galaxy S8 (Fall 2017) (Phone sold)
Nexus 5X (Summer 2017) (Phone Sold)

Everything sold with the Nexus 5X

OnePlus One (August 2017) (Phone Returned)

Lovely Pictures of me on the LG G3 and Microsoft Lumia 640 (Summer 2017)

Me using the Nexus 5X, Galaxy J3 Emerge, Galaxy Nexus, and OG Moto X (Summer 2017)


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