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Hocus pocus no more Ford Focus

Hocus pocus no more Ford Focus! I now have a new car so I don't have to drive around the Ford Focus anymore. We bought it in the beginning of 2019 to replace the 03 Dodge Grand Caravan, which was a terrible car to drive. It ate up gas and was big and clumsy. After looking at a few scummy dealerships, we found a 2011 Ford Focus SE on Facebook marketplace and decided to buy it.

It really is a good car. The gas mileage is really good, my average was above 30 for most of the time. It had an aux port so I didn't have to use a tape converter like I did in the van. It was super easy to maneuver and park in this thing I barely had to try and I would always end up in the spot. But there were several things I didn't like about it! It had this problem where it rattles all the time. It is just a loud sound it constantly makes. They fixed it a few times so it's much better now than it was, but it is still there. For some reason, my Focus from 2011 has no Bluetooth while my friend's from 2008 has it. But his also has no headrests in the back so haha to him. This thing also has not very much space. And that is a bad thing for moving all of my stuff to college. 

So now the Focus is going to go to my sister because I have a new car now. 

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