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Well I have jailbroken the iPhone XR! Here is a list of the tweaks I have and what they do:

  • Accent: Change the iOS main accent color. I changed mine to red.
  • AutoUnlockX: Now I don't have to swipe up on the lockscreen to unlock, like the Pixel 4 XL.
  • BatteryPercentX: Who needs a battery icon when I can see the percent number.
  • Blanca: Leaf (houchdj) style rounded corners. 
  • Blankpass: When unlocking, the numbers are invisible so people can't see my passcode. Helpful when wearing a mask.
  • BrowserDefault: Set chrome as my default browser
  • CastSwitcher: 4 apps on the screen in the app switcher
  • CCMusicArtwork: I don't usually listen to music on my iPhone but it shows the album art as the background for music controls in control center
  • CCSupport: Custom control center modules.
  • Clean folders: Blank background for folder on the home screen
  • Colormenotifs: Notifications are the same color as app icon
  • Dark keyboard: Dark mode keyboard in light mode apps (like snapchat)
  • dotto+: Little tiny dots instead of the big red bubbles
  • Hidedots: Hides the dots on the bottom of the home screen
  • iconvibe: Haptic feedback when opening apps
  • Kaleidoscope: Custom UI colors, so I can have an all black UI
  • LowBatteryBanner: When you have 20% or whatever, it shows as a notification instead of a popup
  • Mapsopener: Opens maps in Google Maps instead of Apple Maps
  • No One is Typing: No stupid typing notifications on snapchat
  • Power Module: Respring and restart and such in control center
  • Saw: Removes the little bottom bar so I can use the full screen
  • Snowboard: Theme engine for the home screen
  • Speculum: Customize the lock screen
  • Tap tap lock: Double tap the home screen to turn off the screen
  • Tap tap flip: Double tap the camera to flip to the other camera
  • Thine: Cool line icon pack
  • Vesta: Adds an app drawer (like Android)
  • Waqt: Shows seconds on the clock and the date underneath

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