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It is now summer (Phone updates and such)

Wow thank goodness summer is here. Also I am now a high school graduate so I am no longer in high school! Finally school is done but it really is a shame how it ended with the whole COVID-19 thing. Oh well, at least it is over.

I needed an excuse to make a post that way my newest post isn't my goodbye to the OnePlus 7 Pro. Maybe I'll give an update on how my phone setup is going.
My main phone is now an iPhone XR, running jailbroken iOS 13.5. It is on Mint Mobile (T-Mobile towers). My secondary phone is the Pixel 4 XL, which I mainly use for pictures and music (I like tracking my music history with which doesn't work on iOS and YouTube Music works much better on Android). It has a cheap plan from Sprint. This dual phone setup is probably the best dual phone setup I have used in a long time, so I don't really see a need to change it. Honestly, I haven't run into much problem with battery life on the Pixel 4 XL after disabling always-on display.

I installed the iOS 14 developer beta on my iPhone 7 Plus. It is a great update, stealing some features from Android and Windows phone. I honestly don't have much bad to say about it. I do wish they copied the app drawer directly from Android as a swipe up on the home screen, but overall it's fine. We will see how long it takes me to update the XR to it though, I don't think the new features justify me unjailbreaking. 

Unfortunately my OG Pixel is broken. This is very sad news as I loved the OG Pixel and even though it wasn't my main phone, it is part of what made last summer so memorable. It was just a great small phone. The LCD is broken so it's quite an expensive fix and I think I would be more justified buying a whole replacement phone. However, I don't quite have the budget for buying phone and phone parts right now as I have more important things I need to buy.

I originally planned to build a computer to take to college, however I think I am going to wait until I am in college to build it. I don't really want to haul a computer across the country, and even though I'll have a bigger car, I don't wan't to risk breaking it. So I think I'm just going to continue saving my money for future expenses.

We just bought a new car for me, it is a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. This means I will no longer be driving the old Ford Focus. We will be picking it up soon so I will probably make a separate post saying goodbye to the Ford Focus. This car has quite a large trunk so hopefully it will make the move to college easier. 

I finished my complete desktop upgrade, upgrading all my peripherals. I won't go into much detail yet, as I may make a separate post about this sometime, even though nobody reads them. I still like making posts so I can look back on my life later. Also, I am not really that great at writing blog posts as it is really just me rambling in typing form. Oh well!

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