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Goodbye to the OnePlus 7 Pro

I have sold the OnePlus 7 Pro. While I am kind of sad, I did sell the phone for a reason. So at the beginning of April, I purchased an iPhone to use as my main phone for a short time. Well. The iPhone really is such a great phone. And by great I mean the battery. I'm ending the day at 40% where on the OnePlus it would be 20 and my Pixel 2 XL would be dead. Once I switched to the iPhone, I was going to make the OnePlus my secondary phone. However! I couldn't get it to work on Sprint BYOD. So I gave up and sold it. I bought a Pixel 4 XL instead. Here are some things I liked and didn't like about it.

The curved screen was kind of nice, but I really think it curved too much. It looked pretty but It was kind of hard to hit things on the clear edge of the screen and I also think the back gesture was much better on a flat screen.

The camera was not great. It wasn't bad, I just wasn't impressed. I liked having an ultrawide, but the pictures just weren't as good as my Pixel 2 XL, which was a shame. The pop-up selfie camera was kind of cool, and I liked the privacy of it, but the moving parts made me anxious, even though there are no reported issues. I just didn't like it going up and down all the time. Not having an ultrawide on the 4XL will really be a shame.

It had no wireless charging.

The screen, especially the 90 hertz was great. I loved the screen.

OxygenOS I think is slightly worse than the Pixel for software. I know the OnePlus fanboys think it's the greatest thing, but I personally like Google's software better. One of my petty gripes is that the icon shape in the default launcher doesn't follow the system so I had to download an icon pack for that.

The rounded corners looked weird. Not the perfectly circled rounded corners other phones have.

The phone was fast and fluid. I even got 80 days uptime.

This phone has its audience, which is unfortunately not me. I think the 8 Pro helped fix some things, so if it weren't so expensive I would probably get that instead. But I have to remember Android is my secondary phone now so I don't need an expensive phone.

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