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You may notice that I like phones, and yeah I have more than a few. But today I would like to talk about phone cases. In the history of my phones (I count my old iPod as a phone) I have only had 3 cases, a small black one for the iPod (because it was ugly), a green and black case for my Nokia Lumia 520, and another thicker case for it. I encountered several issues with all these cases. 
I liked the thin case on the iPod the most, because it didn't make the iPod any thicker, but it already was pretty thick. It covered up the ugliness of the iPod and of course the Apple logo, which Inreally hate cases that have a window for the Apple logo. 

The first case I had on my Nokia was a two-part case, with a rubber green part to go on the phone, then a harder outer shell. It had a kickstand, but it wasn't really that good.
My second case for the 520 was a gray and black thick case. It had 3 parts, a front, back, and outer rubber part. I liked it, but I had to take the case off to use headphones which was a real pain. I once dropped the phone with this case on and the case fell apart and the Lumia's back cover came off, and the drop wasn't from too high. If it were from higher the phone could have broken.

So why don't I buy a case for any of my other phones? I have dropped them several times, I once dropped my Microsoft Lumia 640 and chipped some of the plastic, and I once dropped my iPhone 5S and cracked the back glass. My Nexus 5X has some dings on the side and the back has faded. The problem I see with cases is that they add bulk to the phone, and that they cover up the beauty of the phone. I like looking at my phones because some of them are really nice looking.


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