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My Nexus 5X (Part I - Before I rooted)

I just realized I made the mistake of never writing a blog post about my newer electronics. I'll take them one at a time for one or 2 posts. Now this is a part one, so we will talk about my phone before I rooted it.

So I got it in the middle of July. I know, please don't yell at me for not writing a post about it. I have been very busy in the past few months. I probably should write more on my website but just have not found the time. So anyways, back to my phone. I unboxed it and made a video, but unfortunately it is lost somewhere in the archvies. Oh well. I ran stock android on it for a long time, first Android Marshmellow then of course, the phone being a Nexus, got Nougat on its launch day.

My phones service provider is republic wireless, and that utilizes Wifi when yu have it and uses that instead of cellular signal. The plans are much cheaper too. I don't have any cases or anything but hey, the phone is decently built. Nothing like my creaking Lumia 640. So I will talk more about the Nexus 5X and my other phones in future posts, but this is it for now. Bye.

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