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Remember, this is all a concept. But please read to the end.
Sitting at home all day over christmas break can be boring, espesially when I have nothing to do! So I’ve deicded to reboot  infinityOS. I was kind of forced to, considering my Dec2015 Computer Chaos story (more info to follow). So I started afresh, and this is where Build 512 comes.
The first thing you may notice is the redesigned everything. The dash, taskbar, build watermark, everything is new. So let’s start small.

1. The new build watermark.

There it is! This watermark here includes the OS’s new logo, so I’ve creatively added all the info to it, like Alpha 4.1 and Build 512 and all that fun stuff.

2. Taskbar

This is the taskbar. What has been added is a sound icon and notification icon. You may notice that overview and search have been moved to the left, this is just to not seem as much like Windows.

3. The Dash

Now there are too many screens in the dash, so I’ll just show you the home.
The first thing is that the layout has changed. Now your recent apps (and pinned apps) are on the left, your widgets on the right, the screen switcher on the bottom, and on the top is notifications and icons.
Those icons are for help, expand, and power. Icons have changed, not having colours! Yay! They are mixed in with ones from infinate (our store), and ones from the desktop.

Now that you know what’s new and stuff, you can look at the screenshot and wish it was real. Smile Also, infinity might have a powerpoint os like it, sometime soon.


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