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Thanksgiving post / Christmas post 1

          Happy Thanksgiving from lyledog34! I know I am probably writing this a bit late, considering Thanksgiving is pretty much over for me. But, I spent the entire day at my Mom's cousin's house. I played a 5 hour game of Monopoly too... It gets kind of long when you play that long. At one point, I am pretty sure that I had 5000+ dollars, a new personal best for me in Monopoly. Yeah, so I had fun, even if I like spending Thanksgiving at home better.
          Well, since Thanksgiving is over, it is finally Christmas season. The best time out of the entire year. During this time, you try to make your house as festive as it can possibly can be. Hanging lights all over the inside and outside of your house, and most importantly, the Christmas tree. That is the place where all of the presents go. The place where all of your wishes come true.
          On my wish list is a lot of really expensive things. For example, I have a Wii U ($300), The new 3DS ($200), and a trip to E3 this summer. I will probably get the 3DS, Because my current one is broken (won't charge). I know that I won't get the Wii U. I have been asking for it for 3 years now, and still no Wii U under the TV... I really want to go to E3 this year. Everyone is pretty sure that Nintendo will announce what their next console is (Code-name nx). And I want my first ever visit to E3 to be really cool. If they announce it, they will definitely have it on the show floor. Which means I will get to play it! After waiting in line for 2 hours, of course... I never got to sample the Wii U when it was first announced.
          Back to Christmas now. I really want to go Christmas shopping at the Mall Of America. I love the Mall Of America. I love the trip there, the parking garage, the entrance, the 4 floors, the HUGE variety of shops, the giant Lego builds, escalators, more escalators, the Microsoft shop, the Apple shop, and the setup that Nintendo is going to do there. All of this stuff is the best.
          Wow, this post has been going on for a while now... I never thought that i would ever write a post this big. Guess I better end it here. Happy Holidays from lyledog34! Enjoy the upcoming Holiday Season!!

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