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What if Minecraft was in real life?

The first thing I think if would be minecraft commands. I play minecraft using a lot of commands, so I think it would be cool if I could use all of them in real life. I would be able to use the /gamemode command to fly home from school. I could use /spawn to spawn things. I could spawn an apple whenever I am feeling hungry.

Some people, however, like to play minecraft the traditional way. By punching trees and building a house. Adventuring across the planet killing pigs and stuff. I guess that is fun, but maybe not that good in real life. For instance, falling off a cliff would really hurt, ad being blown up by a creeper would be scary.

Which brings me to another thing, mobs. Zombies, enderman, creepers and even the wither and ender dragon would all exist in real life. That would be very scary. I would just be frightened to go outside at night at all. If I had to take my dog out at night, I would die.

Whelp, that is it for now.


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