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If you know me personally, than it’s pretty obvious that I love computers. I currently am writing this on my hp laptop. You also know all about  I have 5 computers:

  1. Dell Desktop PC – Windows 10 Technical Preview and exciteOS (my KDE linux distro)
  2. HP Laptop – Windows 7
  3. HP Desktop PC (it’s all taken apart) – Windows 7, Ubuntu 13.04, and plexOS (my GNOME linux Distro)
  4. Old Gateway PC – Windows 2000 (this machine is from 1997)
  5. Old Gateway Laptop – Windows 95 (this ‘ptop is from 1995)
I’ve also got a 8GB flash drive running my favorite Linux Distro, (I haven’t really decided yet). I’m actually trying out a bunch of linux distros during Christmas Break, so I’ll show my table of my thoughts on these later!

I just found out that this site might have some ads. I am so very sorry because I’m on the free plan. If someone gave me a million dollars, there wouldn’t be any ads.

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