16 June 2018

paulkauffman.com 9.1

Once I made version 9.0 I knew there was more to be done. So here we are on version 9.1. So here is a list of things I have added.

  • HTTPS! I don't really need it but it's cool and neat to have.
  • Fixed navigation bar.
  • Updated phone gallery page.
  • Added older versions website changes posts.
Social links will be coming back and we will be getting a new phones section. All things to look forward to in version 9.2! (or 10 if I get lazy)
08 June 2018

paulkauffman.com 9.0

Welcome to the new design of paulkauffman.com. We are now on version 9 which is crazy but since I don't update this site often it is a nice surprise. I also have some exciting plans for the future so here's the news:

I might give up paulkauffman.com for infinatio.us.

Infinatious is my online identity so switching to it makes sense at least for now. There's a lot more to go into but once I make this change it will happen around September. I'm not sure how this will all work so we will have to wait and see what goes on soon.

As for version 9, we now have a material-ish design. Version 9 might not stay for long though, I plan on adding a larger phones section in Version 9.1. So you should be excited for that. Anyway thanks for reading and have a great day.
23 January 2018

Why I Sold My Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8. This phone was great. But at the same time it wasn't. Here's why.

Let's start with the process of me buying this phone. Back in August, I was tired of my Nexus 5X. The battery would't last all day, and it had a fair amount of scratches and dings. I had used this phone enough so I needed an upgrade. I went over to Swappa and managed to sell it just shy of $200.  I had been working over the summer so I also used the money I got from that and bought a Samsung Galaxy S8. I bought it, used it, and loved it.

In November, Samsung came out with the beta for Android Oreo on this phone. I downloaded it and played around with it in a heartbeat. I even made a YouTube video about it which did surprisingly well, getting over 30 thousand views in several days. 

By the end of December, I was tired of this phone. I finally discovered what it was I didn't like. It was Samsung Experience. I much preferred the updates, snappiness, and most of all, customization of the Nexus 5X on stock Android. It was this which made me realize I wanted a Google Pixel 2. XL or not, I don't care. I just want a Pixel 2. So I sold the S8 on Swappa for $514, just 1 dollar more than what I bought it for (but then fees and shipping and took 8% of that).

My parents are being rough and saying I may not be able to get a Pixel 2 until Easter so I guess that means I'll be using my iPhone 6S and Nextbit Robin until then.

10 January 2018

Website Changes! (paulkauffman.com 8.1)

I am now keeping track of my website's version number. Since this is the eighth major upgrade I figured I would make this version version 8. This is actually version 8.1 because I have made 2 major upgrades but at separate times.

So I have a new theme, without the featured bar and a new look and feel. Also to make room for our second major upgrade. Ads. We now have ads on the website because I am no longer going to be able to monetize my YouTube channel for ads so I need another source of income. Only problem: nobody will come to my website. Oh well.

I am also stopping the monthly posts. I am too busy for these and plus I don't like the look. Thanks for reading and goodbye.

18 November 2017

Infinatious Update // November 2017 (Thanksgiving Trip, Drivers Permit, and Christmas List)

Hey welcome back to another post on my website. I'll try to do these little updates every once in a while but maybe I'll forget.

Our family is going on a Thanksgiving trip from the 21st to the 28th. We will be driving to Indiana, then taking the train to go to North Dakota to visit family for Thanksgiving. We'll come back the same way we came.

Also, on the 22nd I will finally be old enough to get my drivers permit. If I pass the test I will be able to drive.

I love Christmas, so I already have my decorations up. And there are a few things I want for Christmas, so if you're planning on getting me something for Christmas, here's a link to an Amazon page with several things that I want. http://a.co/2JCdMJi

12 May 2017

I hate phone cases

You may notice that I like phones, and yeah I have more than a few. But today I would like to talk about phone cases. In the history of my phones (I count my old iPod as a phone) I have only had 3 cases, a small black one for the iPod (because it was ugly), a green and black case for my Nokia Lumia 520, and another thicker case for it. I encountered several issues with all these cases. 

I liked the thin case on the iPod the most, because it didn't make the iPod any thicker, but it already was pretty thick. It covered up the ugliness of the iPod and of course the Apple logo, which Inreally hate cases that have a window for the Apple logo. 

The first case I had on my Nokia was a two-part case, with a rubber green part to go on the phone, then a harder outer shell. It had a kickstand, but it wasn't really that good.

My second case for the 520 was a gray and black thick case. It had 3 parts, a front, back, and outer rubber part. I liked it, but I had to take the case off to use headphones which was a real pain. I once dropped the phone with this case on and the case fell apart and the Lumia's back cover came off, and the drop wasn't from too high. If it were from higher the phone could have broken.

So why don't I buy a case for any of my other phones? I have dropped them several times, I once dropped my Microsoft Lumia 640 and chipped some of the plastic, and I once dropped my iPhone 5S and cracked the back glass. My Nexus 5X has some dings on the side and the back has faded. The problem I see with cases is that they add bulk to the phone, and that they cover up the beauty of the phone. I like looking at my phones because some of them are really nice looking.
06 February 2017

My Nexus 5X (Part I - Before I rooted)

I just realized I made the mistake of never writing a blog post about my newer electronics. I'll take them one at a time for one or 2 posts. Now this is a part one, so we will talk about my phone before I rooted it.

So I got it in the middle of July. I know, please don't yell at me for not writing a post about it. I have been very busy in the past few months. I probably should write more on my website but just have not found the time. So anyways, back to my phone. I unboxed it and made a video, but unfortunately it is lost somewhere in the archvies. Oh well. I ran stock android on it for a long time, first Android Marshmellow then of course, the phone being a Nexus, got Nougat on its launch day.

My phones service provider is republic wireless, and that utilizes Wifi when yu have it and uses that instead of cellular signal. The plans are much cheaper too. I don't have any cases or anything but hey, the phone is decently built. Nothing like my creaking Lumia 640. So I will talk more about the Nexus 5X and my other phones in future posts, but this is it for now. Bye.
05 December 2016
22 July 2016

Infinatious Behance Profile

I now have a Behance profile! Behance is a website where you can share your design work, so I have made a Behance profile so you can all see my wonderful work. I will let you know here every once in a while to let you know what I made. The first thing I published is a self branding design.

A Very Busy Summer

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while since I made a post here. Oh well, I'll just tell you what's happening.

So it's been a rather busy month for me.
This past week (July 17 -  21) I went to a camp. I won't tell you which one because then you'll know where I live.
This next week (July 25 - 29) I'm going to band camp, and again I can't tell you where I'm going because you'll know where I live.

I also got something so you better follow me on snapchat so you know when I unbox it so you can look at it.

27 May 2016

The Infinatious App is now on the Windows Store!

The Infinatious App is now available from the Windows Store! Yay
You can get it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/infinatious/9nblggh4wdm9
And we'll provide videos in case you don't know what to do.

And a big thanks to Nevexo for letting me submit it through his Windows Store developer thingy

19 May 2016

Play Slither.io 3 times at once!

I have created this amazing website that lets you play slither.io 3 times at once.
Check it out here.
Or click this picture.

04 May 2016

I'm in DC

Well I assume you read the title, so you know where I'm at. Today was the first day. We rode for a few hours then we saw Gettysburg. It was a lot of history. Then we went into Washington itself. We drove in, saw the president in his motorcade, then went souvenir shopping. After that we went to the World War II memorial.

24 April 2016

It might just be time to buy another phone

Yes, I know I just got the Lumia 640 in November, but I am going to ditch Windows Phone for Android.
The problem is, I don't have money. So my parents use this phone service called Republic Wireless, and it's really cheap. So I either have to use republic or buy my own service. Here's the problem: I have to buy the phone. Fortunately for me, I might inherit a Moto E 1st gen (eww), so I'll have to carry around two phones. The phone I want is a Moto G 3rd Gen. So I need money.

I want a Nexus 5X on Google Fi but that just isn't happening.