My name is Paul Kauffman. I am ninth grade, which means I graduate in 2020. I live somewhere in Ohio. The reason for making this website is simple: I am a technology nerd and so what else to do than make a website. If you want to learn more about this website, go here.

Wow! This website has changed a lot. First I started out with a little Google Site (here). Really, this website was for a technology club that I had made, but the club did not last long. I decided to make myself a personal website. I eventually deleted it, because I did not have many views. After a while, I decided I wanted a website, so I opened up this website, which has existed the longest (here). I kept this website nice and long, because I liked it. So, after a while, I told my dad I wanted a domain. I got www.paulkauffman.com, which now redirects to here. For a week or two, the website showed the GoDaddy logo and did not have anything on it. I got PCK927 on the domain and was happy. Until my friend Lucas made a website with Weebly. I liked it and decided to give it  go. It was way better than Google Sites.  But, I did not want to register my domain, because that costs money. Money I don't have. I put up PAULSEARCH, which is temporary and now gone, to use that space. I liked what I had, but WordPress ws more popular and had more. But blogger won out of them all.

MAIN PC: This computer I have here is a custom built I pretty much use for most things. Windows 10! However the monitor shown isn't accurate.

LAPTOP: Here I have a laptop with Windows 10! I also have another laptop with Windows 7.

SECONDARY PC: Uhhh, mostly by brother and sister use this one, so yeah it's great. Windows 7.PHONE: I have quite a collection.TABLET: It's a wonderful HP Stream 7! Windows 10 :)

OLD LAPTOP: Windows 2000 is outdated, isn't it?

OLD PC: But boy is Windows 2000 stable.

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