Website Changes! ( 8.1)

I am now keeping track of my website's version number. Since this is the eighth major upgrade I figured I would make this version version 8. This is actually version 8.1 because I have made 2 major upgrades but at separate times.

So I have a new theme, without the featured bar and a new look and feel. Also to make room for our second major upgrade. Ads. We now have ads on the website because I am no longer going to be able to monetize my YouTube channel for ads so I need another source of income. Only problem: nobody will come to my website. Oh well.

I am also stopping the monthly posts. I am too busy for these and plus I don't like the look. Thanks for reading and goodbye.

Website Changes! ( 8.1) Website Changes! ( 8.1) Reviewed by Paul Kauffman on 1/10/2018 06:32:00 PM Rating: 5

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